President’s Message to the CARMA Membership

November, 2018



(As Chuck takes some time for family matters, Joe Mann authors the President's Message this month.)

The 2018 mid-term elections will be critical. If Republicans maintain majorities in the US Senate and House of Representatives they can continue correcting, the 8-decades long “Progressive” revolution to transform America from the founders' vision to one of their own, a lesser nation, not the exceptional one, a model for the world. Transformation has been underway since Wilsonian “Progressives” began by parasitically infecting Democrats in the 1950's. A cultural war was born as Barack Obama declared that he would “change America, then change the world.” He was their patron saint. The 2016 epoch election of Donald Trump affords an opportunity to stop the revolution, but the revolutionaries are fighting every way possible.

“Progressives” began to control classical liberal Democrats with the sexual revolution, the drug culture and the anti-war movement of the 1960's. The tragic death of President John F. Kennedy, a classical Liberal Democrat, elevated master politician Lyndon B. Johnson to the presidency. Surprising to many, Johnson gave “Progressives” power. While he was a racist, as his speech and actions revealed, he used his manipulative prowess to capture the African American voters. He averred that his initiatives would have them voting Democrat forever. Capturing voter blocs became a viable “Progressive” strategy, never countered by Republicans. From their beginning, we've had eight decades of “Progressive” Democrats steadily marching toward destruction of traditional America. Recently, publisher Digby Solomon gave a learned summary of voter blocs captured by “Progressives.” Single-issue Republicans have also lost voters by focusing on ideological purity. Abortion is one such issue.

While millions legitimately oppose abortion, it's been a fool's errand to try to repeal Roe v Wade rather than legislate and enforce laws to limit abortion and to stop the heinous late term abortions. “On demand” abortion was not intended,” but such excesses are normal for the cultural revolutionaries. They make up justifications. They redefine words to describe a fetus, a human creation. It's called a right to use a woman's body as she wants, a right without a responsibility to prevent a pregnancy. Republicans lose women and millennial voters.

“Progressives” have transformed colleges and universities from sanctuaries for learning to havens for leftist political activism. “Progressive” faculties indoctrinate students, now even in lower level schools. Young voters are lost.

"Progressives" have captured Hispanic voters as they did the African Americans while Republicans have been stuck on stupid giving up a bloc they should have, Digby Solomon correctly averred.

Too many of the worst “Progressives” are in office! This was obvious in the confirmation hearings for Justice Kavanaugh, as it is with every Trump initiative. Lose the House and impeachment follows.

Republicans have ineffective messaging. It's too late for the midterms. Please vote!

Joe Mann for President Misak


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