President’s Message to the CARMA Membership

MAY, 2020


CARMA President - Terry Ricks

Dear Gentlemen of CARMA,

Here we are in the following month of the Wuhan virus pandemic. Unfortunately, the May 21st luncheon meeting cannot be held. I do not know what will happen regarding our June 18th meeting.  I know at least two of our members have been sickened by the virus and are recovering, but with some frightening episodes.

The nationwide public health discussion has now evolved into another hateful political debate. President Trump is criticized by the Democrats, the media and the Left, no matter what he says or does. He is criticized for being too late or too premature with his actions as well as inadequate or excessive with his deliveries.  Many of the irresponsible reporters need to have their facial curves flattened.

The President did a masterful pivot when he handed over decisions to the state Governors. Now the ball is in their court. He has been criticized as being incompetent and dictatorial, so he flipped the media and political haters over to a new corner and now the focus is on all the Governors, their orders, schedules and supply chains.

The chaos surrounding the Chinese virus’ origin, transmission and damage has revealed just how little the world knows about this disease.  Who would have ever predicted that a Republican administration would be in charge of the largest economic and social welfare program in the history of our country.  I am extremely concerned about the massive expansion of both government and corporate debt that we are now witnessing.

Other ironic surprises have occurred with the Democrats stalling bailout legislation affecting their small business loyalists and also the thousands of Democrat-voting workers, who have joined Republicans in protesting and demanding the government to authorize free market operations and reopen businesses, so they can go back to work.

We will see how this nightmare affects future national perspectives about open boarders, illegal immigration, Chinese manufacturing, higher taxes required for national health insurance and higher utility bills that accompany green energy projects.

I cannot imagine the worry and stress occurring in millions of households as families with children or elderly relatives are faced with no income and no school attendance for their children.  In addition, everyone is staying at home or walking alone, wondering how to cope with such a deadly menace that is far smaller than a speck of dust.

I hope that many of you have donated to our local charities who are providing food to needy families and individuals and money to those needing help to pay the rent and utilities.  Charities that comes to mind are the Community Emergency Response Fund for COVID-19, the House of Mercy, the Salvation Army, the Williamsburg Community Foundation, Meals on Wheels, the Avalon Center, the Grove Outreach Center, the Peninsula Foodbank and of course, our many wonderful churches.

A review of world history reminds us of the devastation of bacterial plagues and viruses over the centuries with hundreds of millions of individuals dying with no cures. Thank God for our modern civilization where we have advanced medicines, advanced technology and incredible scientific knowledge allowing development of vaccines.

Speaking of beneficial advanced technology; our networks, personal computers, cell phones, cable television, video games and streaming movies have allowed work from home, schooling for the children, church services, club meetings and needed entertainment.  If you are having trouble with these gizmos, ask your grandchildren or the neighborhood kids for help. I have used FaceTime, Zoom and Skype more than ever before. The stocks of tech companies involved in cloud computing and gaming have been particularly bullish. Also rising, are the pizza delivery companies.

Turning to Virginia politics, I believe that Governor Northam could be accused of election tampering for choosing June 10 as the end date of his stay-at-home lockdown order.  June 9 was the primary date when Virginia Republicans would vote for candidates to run against incumbent Democrats like Senator Mark Warner and Congresswoman Elaine Luria.  A smooth-running June 9 primary was clearly more important to the Republican Party of Virginia than to the Virginia Democrats. 

Always slow to correct, he moved the state primary to June 23 after legal actions started to bubble.  Then two weeks ago, Ralphie signed hundreds of Democrat approved bills including one that removed the photo ID requirement for voting.  I called the JCC Voter Registration Office and was told that the June 23rd primary requires photo ID, but that one will not be required for the November 3rd elections.  The photo ID requirement must be reinstated and our voter rolls must be accurate and purged of bogus names and dead people as called for by the National Voter Registration Act.

Our primary to choose a Republican candidate to run against Senator Warner will include the following candidates: Alissa Baldwin, Daniel Gade and Tom Speciale.  Our primary to choose a Republican candidate to run against Congresswoman Elaine Luria will include the following candidates: Jarome Bell, Ben Loyola and Scott Taylor.   Visit and search their names to learn about them, their websites and the upcoming elections.  The City of Williamsburg City Council Election is Tuesday May 19 and the James City County Primary is Tuesday June 23.  Many more voters will rely on absentee ballots so apply for yours as soon as possible to avoid the delays.

In conclusion, I hope our Virginia leaders find the right balance between health safety and business re-openings. Government shutdowns and public stay-at-home orders are unpredictable and not always peaceful.  History has many public revolt chapters associated with civil and world wars.  Riots and looting are feared. 

In mid-1775, Virginia Governor Dunmore seized ammunition stores, declared martial law, shutdown Williamsburg, enlisted and forced additional manpower, prevented elections and dismissed the colonial assembly.  These actions against the colonial patriots continued into 1776 and bolstered the world’s greatest freedom revolution. 

As you hear or read the news, always consider and remember America’s founding principles, our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.  Please call your CARMA buddies to check-in on them.  Volunteer and donate to help our Republican candidates.  Find new members. 

God bless all of you and your families and I hope you stay healthy.

Terry Ricks, CARMA President