President’s Message to the CARMA Membership

November, 2017




Ladies & Gentlemen;


At the October CARMA Luncheon, guest speaker Kevin Onizuk (JCC BOS Chairman) provided a detailed discussion of the JCC Strategic Plan.  The seven item plan and goal descriptions are meant to guide the County to year 2035.  The goal topics are the following:

  1. Sustainable Long-Term Water Supply – Provide adequate and potable long term water supply for the current and future residents.
  2. Modern Infrastructure, Facilities, and Technology Systems – County will make strategic investments to modernize the infrastructure, community facilities, public education, and technology to enhance the quality of life provided to its residents.
  3. Expanding and Diversifying Local Economy – JCC will support the expansion and diversification of the local economy by providing the regulatory framework to support business development.  JCC will undertake economic development marketing and recruitment efforts.
  4. Protected Community Character and Enhanced Built Environment. – JCC’s unique historic assets, natural environment, rural character, hometown feel, and attractive developments will be protected and maintained over time.
  5. Exceptional Public Services – JCC will provide an exceptional quality of life to its residents by focusing on the provision of public services that meet the need of a changing population, and by providing clear and transparent communications about County efforts and actions.
  6. High Quality Education – JCC will support high quality education by focusing primarily on its core responsibility of funding high quality public schools through joint facility planning efforts with WJCC.
  7. Fiscally Efficient Government – The County will manage government finances using sound fiscal management practices to ensure short-term and long-term funding strategies for future investments.

Kevin provided numerous details and insights into each of these items.  A copy of the actual strategic plan may be found on the JCC government website.  Kevin spoke at some length about the County having a Triple A bond rating, which is rare for a government entity of this size.  He spoke highly of County Manager Bryan Hill, and of the significant efforts to drive down the County debt to insure sufficient funds for future infrastructure growth, including schools and the water supply.

Tom Phillips, Jamestown District candidate to replace retiring Kevin Onizuk on the BOS, spoke of his 12 point plan, on his website, to deal with the critical issue of sustainable water supply.  It’s imperative that Phillips defeat Icenhour.  He defaulted on water but supported Agenda 21’s “sustainability” ruse.

The November 7th Elections are rapidly approaching.  All of the GOP candidates have been working tirelessly to meet voters and to encourage these voters to support their campaigns.  Tom Phillips and Joe Swanenburg are desperately needed in James City County.  Their understanding of County issues, including the options for a water supply are unmatched by their opponents.  Brenda Pogge and Heather Cordasco are the clear choices for the House of Delegates by way of their experience and adoption of the conservative principles outlined in the Republican Creed.  Richmond needs and deserves the leadership of John Adams for Attorney General, Jill Vogel for Lt. Governor, and Ed Gillespie for Governor.

Virginians have seen the downward spiral of the business climate under the democrats, where sensible laws and regulations are vetoed and programs of unnecessary regulations and taxes are passed in abundance.  And we need an Attorney General who will support and enforce all Virginia laws, not just the ones he likes.  Please go out and vote on November 7th.  Every vote is needed, and every vote will help to bring Virginia back to prosperity.  You may also vote “Absentee” at the 5300 Palmer Street (just of Ironbound Rd. near New Town.) location up until November 4th.


See you on the 16th!


Respectfully Submitted:
George Spalthoff & Joe Mann