President’s Message to the CARMA Membership

June, 2024


CARMA President - Terry Ricks


Dear CARMA Members and other Honorable Conservative Gentlemen,

Please join us and bring your friends to our monthly CARMA luncheons and events.  Register at CARMA is growing along with the W-JCC Republican Committee and our other local Republican clubs.  We have great luncheons with speakers on various topics: local, state and national politics, Virginia history, local government operations, technology and lots of humor.  Our local office holders and candidates are always on our schedule. CARMA donates.

The previous CARMA Luncheon was on Thursday, May 16th with Chad Green, our new Virginia State Delegate.  Our next Luncheon is on Thursday, June 20th and our key speaker will be Scott Stevens.  He is the Chief JCC Administrator and he has been asked to discuss the county’s activities, new projects, and increasing budgets.  Invite your friends.  Prepare your questions. They are encouraged.
The CARMA Happy Hours at the Colonial Heritage Bar and Grill have been fun.  Our most recent one was at Billsburg Brewery on June 1st and the day was perfect. There have been six to twelve participants each time. We are looking for more Happy Hour attendees, organizers, and locations.  Contact me if you wish to attend and we will schedule another.

The annual WJCCRC Just Right Party was on Sunday, May 19th from 2pm to 5pm at the W’burg National Golf Course, WNGC.   BBQ lunches were served.  Congressman Wittman, Senator Deeds and Delegate Green were the speakers. The next WJCCRC monthly meeting will be on Thursday, June 20th at 6:30 at the Williamsburg Library at 515 Scotland Street. There was a WJCCRC Trump Rally on May 3rd at the JCC Courthouse.  Many honks and several one finger salutes. And on June 4, Delegate Chad Green hosted an event in Yorktown for Gov. Glenn Youngkin.  It was super. Take a gander at Delegate Green’s Facebook page.

Future Events: VOTE now or on Tues. June 18, Primary Election Day, to choose which Republican Candidate (there are eight) will run against incumbent Tim Kaine to become U.S. Senator. VOTE on Tuesday, November 5th Presidential General Election Day.  Early voting is available for each election.  It is time for Senator Tim Kaine to go.  He is barely campaigning.

Comments…President Biden continues to demonstrate that he is the worst President ever.  Donald Trump has suffered the most corrupt political law-fare in NYC and has been convicted of 34 felonies.  His appeal should be soon and successful.  TRUMP 2024!

Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares continues to impress with his detailed criticisms of the biased show trial in NYC.  And he is fighting for women protections after Biden revised Title 9 and supports men competing in women’s sports.  He has joined a 23 states coalition to challenge the EPA’s absurd emissions reduction mandate for trucks and heavy equipment.   Also AG Miyares is leading “Ceasefire Virginia,” a proven approach to address violent criminal activity among serious and repeat offenders. This initiative will reduce violent crime by maintaining strong law enforcement partnerships throughout the state and investing in gang prevention projects and supporting community policing in high-crime neighborhoods.

Delegate Amanda Batten has sent out informative letters with some District 71 survey information such as: general dissatisfaction with the state operations, taxes are too high, education costs are too high, electric vehicles are not a preferred purchase, small nuclear reactors should be tested, marijuana legalization is a toss-up, additional firearm controls are not favored, the current 45 early election days are excessive and election integrity safeguards should be stronger. Her General Assembly Report is very detailed and here are some general highlights:  Property tax exemption for surviving spouses of soldiers, who died in the line of duty.  Increased penalties for those directing or benefiting from forced labor.  Allowing financial institutions to increase efforts and oversight to minimize financial risk of elderly or vulnerable adults.  Increased consumer protection associated with automatic renewal of long-term contracts.  Improved laws allowing schools to deal with overdoses and drug trafficking.  Progress toward increasing energy supplies through utilization of small modular nuclear reactors.  Additional details and clarification of the above legislation and new programs can be obtained by contacting Attorney General Miyares’ office or Delegate Amanda Batten's office.

Contact me anytime for more information at or 202-494-8161.
Please visit our great website  Read the articles and humor and the Republican Creed.  The Luncheon Reservation Menu & Form is there.

Thank you for your support.  Let’s discuss your ideas!

Terry Ricks,  CARMA President


Updated - 06/06/24