President’s Message to the CARMA Membership

January, 2020





Dear Gentlemen of CARMA,

I hope you all had a good holiday break.  There wasn’t a luncheon meeting in December, but our local Republican Christmas Party on December 15 was great fun with about 80 folks attending.  Attendees and their spouses were from WJCCRC, CARMA, HTRW and JHRW.  There were plenty of drinks, tasty appetizers and low-calorie desserts; as well as professional music, amateur singing and funny videos for entertainment. It was a relaxing break from our tension filled political climate.  Many brought food donations and ten bags were delivered to the House of Mercy and another ten to FISH.  The staff at these two charities were most happy and appreciative. (Attached below are the thank you notes from both charities for the donated food.)

The next CARMA luncheon meeting will be at Giuseppe’s on Thursday, January 16.  Our speaker will be Andy Baan and he will discuss the China and Hong Kong international situations.  Since this will be our annual meeting, the election of the CARMA president for a two-year term will take place.  If elected, I would be honored to continue as President.   I hope some of you will lead some new CARMA projects in 2020.  Committees can be setup. Please tell your suggestions to a board member or email me directly.

Concerning impeachment, in 2014, government expert and author, Andrew McCarthy, reflected on Alexander Hamilton’s Federalist No. 65 and said that impeachment is a political remedy, a precondition for which, is the making of a political case that persuades the public that the president should be removed. And that, unless the public is strongly persuaded, such that two-thirds of the Senate is moved to convict, it would be a mistake for the House to impeach in the first place.  If only this simple analysis had been followed, the nation would have been spared the partisan House impeachment circus.

Regarding the gun rights battle, more than 100 Virginia cities, towns, and counties have held lengthy debates and passed U.S. Constitution Affirmation Resolutions in preparation for the Democrats taking over the Virginia state government.  Concerned over Second Amendment infringement, thousands have attended these county meetings. Governor Northam and his liberal supporters are planning to confiscate semi-automatic firearms from law-abiding citizens and hope to require ownership registrations.  The NRA is planning a Second Amendment rally at the state capitol on January 13.  See And The Free Beacon reported that “thousands of people are expected to show up for the VCDL pro-gun rally in the state capital on January 20.”  Please join the Virginia Citizens Defense League at

Northam is also proposing a two-year $135 billion budget with new taxes on gasoline, cigarettes, businesses, gaming and higher spending for education, transportation, adult, maternal and infant healthcare, water quality improvements and environmental projects, affordable housing, homelessness, and high-needs children.  The proposed budget includes $100 million each year for yet-to-be-defined priorities.  Please follow these new budget actions and contact your elected officials with your opinions.

One of my favorite Trumpisms: “I kept more promises than I made!”  President Trump has lowered taxes, reduced unemployment, fought against illegal immigration, clarified the dangers of socialism, reduced detrimental regulations, improved healthcare insurance alternatives, appointed many conservative judges, bolstered our military, revealed Democrat and DOJ corruption, rebalanced international relations, shown amazing  transparency and punched the lying liberal media giants on a daily basis.  Republican Conservatives must speak up, debate, unify and vote.  Monthly fireworks.

Ending on a humorous note … this chat was overheard at a CARMA party…Betsy and Art visited the Swamp years ago and Betsy commented that there are no factories in DC.  Then Art said “you’re right, all they make there is trouble.”

Ask your friends and family to visit and to join CARMA and the WJCCRC.  We need more members.  And we need more letters to The Virginia Gazette and The Daily Press.  The February luncheon will be on the 20th.  Make 2020 great!

See you on January 16th for The CARMA Luncheon.

Terry Ricks, CARMA President

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