President’s Message to the CARMA Membership

October, 2018



(As Chuck takes a few days vacation, Joe Mann authors the President's Message this month.)

Democrats Fight Trump in Spite of Successes – Why?

While President Trump's policies are succeeding on several fronts, both nationally and internationally,  "Progressives," aka Democrats, fight his every initiative, even ponder  impeachment. The Trump economic team has rapidly overcome the Obama administration's pathetic economic policies, all of which were antithetical to capital formation, job creation and economic growth. Already 4% quarterly growth has been achieved, and 3.5% annual growth, perhaps more, can be projected confidently. This tops the previous eight years of 2% average annual growth, which Obama, Larry Summers, their sycophantic media and academic economists proclaimed to be a “new normal. "Greater growth would never be achieved again!" Now, Obama and his minions claim credit for the Trump success. So much for Intellectual integrity, None!

Internationally, President Trump is making progress where none has been made for some time, even never. Obama's foreign policies were, contrary to the hype from the propaganda network, ineffective and even detrimental to America. "Leading from behind” in N. Africa Obama, James Clapper and Hillary Clinton, supported the so-called “Arab Spring,” which contrary to reports, supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Libya and Yemen and the radical theocratic ruling Mullahs in Iran, where Obama did not support the Green Revolution, thereby leaving 50 million Persians oppressed. Then he gave Iran billions of dollars – to promote terrorism. Then there is North Korea. Only the antagonistic media and “Progressive” Democrats, who hope for failure, can downplay the work Trump and Pompeo are doing there.

Now, “Progressive” Democrats are doing all possible to defeat Trump. His election halted their 8-decades  long cultural revolution to transform America from the founders' vision to one of their own. Their sexual revolution of the 60s with unlimited abortion in 1973, an industry today, is their crowning “achievement.” Colleges and universities, now with 90% “Progressive” activist faculty, have transformed from sanctuaries for learning to havens for left political activism. Even lower level students are being indoctrinated! Defining tenets of traditional Americanism have been abrogated as has the Rule of Law,  Anarchy is encouraged as are violent demonstrations by activists. The DOJ, is corrupted, especially with Obama and AG Holder. Societal decadence is profound.  The fight to keep Kavanaugh off the SCOTUS is seeking a left-activist court.

Election of a president outside the bounds of the revolutionaries was absolutely necessary in 2016 to stop them. Trump is that person. He is working to do the job, but the forces against him are formidable, even warlike. For the sake of our nation,  Americans must fight to stop the revolution by voting in large numbers.

Joe Mann for President Misak


Hopefully, we will see you on October 18th, when Digby Solomon will be the Luncheon Speaker.

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