President’s Message to the CARMA Membership

February, 2020




Dear Gentlemen of CARMA,

Our January meeting on the 16th was very informative with many agenda items and five speakers. Andy Baan was our main speaker and he presented a fascinating overview about China’s history and current economic, social, political and military activities.  Dot Matthews announced her forward thinking candidacy for the WJCCRC Chair.  The RPV, its Districts and Unit Committees must improve.

Aaren Hale introduced himself as the new Trump 2020 campaign field operations organizer for our local districts.  He is a great energetic and knowledgeable addition to our GOP team.  Mary Jones spoke briefly to obtain signatures for Jarome Bell, a strong Republican, a retired Navy Chief and a 2nd Congressional District Candidate.  Also, Jack Greenhalgh spoke about the Honor Flight Networks and its Vietnam Veterans trips.

I am glad to report that there is much energy among our strong local group of organized Republican women for the 2020 campaigns.  Bolstered by the leadership of Sue Sadler, Amanda Batten, Sandy Young, Heather Cordasco, Bonnie Bilski, Dot Matthews, Paula Sumrall, Barbara Null and Mandy Doggett, they are determined to help our candidates and defeat the out-of-control Democrats and tell the Virginia Delegates and Senators how much they disagree with all the liberal over-reaching legislation spewing forth in Richmond.

Great rallies and support gatherings continue to occur around Virginia for the Pro-Life movement and the Second Amendment.  Buses from all over the state have converged at the State Capitol full of citizens who are angered by the Democrats actions and attacks on the Constitution, the children, and on law abiding citizens.  Let’s hope the voters throw the bums out.  The March for Life Rally is on February 13 at 11:30 in Richmond. Please encourage your conservative family and friends to register and vote this year in the primaries and regular elections.

I’ve been thinking, if all the Tommy Tax complainers had voted Republican then the tax and spend Democrats would not be lusting in power and raising our statewide taxes even more than the 1% tax increase in our area.  Please help me follow the budgets and spending and write those letters.

I was elected President at the January annual meeting and I am honored and thrilled to continue working with such a fine group.   I hope some of you will lead some new CARMA projects in 2020.  Committees can be setup to help you. Please tell your suggestions to a board member or email me.

The next CARMA luncheon meeting will be on Thursday, February 20 at Giuseppe’s. Our speakers will be Jarome Bell, who will explain his Congressional campaign and his positions on key issues.   The main speaker will be Benny Zhang, Williamsburg City Councilman, who will discuss important city activities, programs and issues.  Send me questions that you should like addressed.
Ask your friends and family to visit and join CARMA and the WJCCRC.  We need more members.   The next WJCCRC meeting will be on February 26 at 7pm at Greenwood Academy.  Please join me and invite your friends.  Thank you.

Terry Ricks, CARMA President