President’s Message to the CARMA Membership

August, 2018




Sweeping claims of the benefits of cultural diversity / multiculturism in our society have prevailed without a speck of evidence being presented, or even asked for. Some say, as I might, diversity is a destructive force. Why, you ask? I will give you the results of several studies, several by a Harvard political scientist, Robert Putnam, to wit:

"The greater the diversity in a community, the fewer people vote, the less likely they are to volunteer, give to charity, or work on community projects.

Diversity leads to lower national happiness. The high grades in this area always go to countries with homogeneous populations. The US, for example, is not in the top 20 of national happiness.

The more diverse, the lower the level of social trust.

The more diverse, the higher the crime rate.

The more diverse, the lower the level of economic stability, the lower the average IQ, and the higher the level of welfare—which punishes those that produce for the society.

Politically, there are more divisions, there is more identity politics—which lower the quality of elected officials and their policies."

I’m really tired of the elites telling us that multiculturism is something to treasure. When you hear that said, ask them to explain why that is so.

See you on September 20th when Congressman Rob Wittman will be the featured CARMA Luncheon Speaker. Please send in your Luncheon Reservations ASAP.

Have a pleasurable summer!

Chuck Misak – CARMA President

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