President’s Message to the CARMA Membership

APRIL, 2020


CARMA President - Terry Ricks

Gentlemen of CARMA;

I never thought we would be canceling our luncheons for a pandemic. Our March 19 luncheon was cancelled and we are going to cancel our April 16 luncheon.  When we resume, we will have more great speakers such as Amanda Batten, Jarome Bell, Benny Zhang, Tommy Norment, Dot Matthews, Daniel Gade and Ben Loyola.  The May luncheon would normally be on the 21st, but we shall see.

I like reading about and watching my neighbors and others helping so many other people and extending courtesies.  This outpouring of care is wonderful.  And our medical professionals are certainly demonstrating angelic qualities at the highest levels.  Parents, be patient, your children will eventually return to school.  Teach them to cook, mow the lawn and do their laundry.

I have good news to report about our local Republican Committee, the WJCCRC. A large gathering called the Mass Meeting was held on March 10th at Legacy Hall. Dot Matthews was elected as the new Republican Committee Chair.  Her loyal and energetic team of supporters are already making plans for projects and coming up with creative solutions to chronic problems.  One of the surprising discoveries is just how active the RPV First District Committee Chair is with his committees and Richmond headquarters.  The WJCCRC Executive Board will be joining forces with the 1st and 2nd District Committees on various projects. We must work together to support Republican beliefs and policies here in Virginia to reelect Donald Trump and vote out the Virginia liberals.  Always remember that our first priority is to elect strong, honorable Republicans. 

As we sit at home, this is a great time for our members to start political canvassing by telephone. Any of you who want to help can volunteer to call voters in our area for a survey and to ask for support for Donald Trump and our local candidates.  The campaign is using a special calling app for mobile phones and PCs.  If you want to volunteer or have any other ideas or concerns please contact me at:,  or one of the CARMA Board members.

Governor Northam and his unhinged, confused gun-grabbing associates have a stack of new anti-gun bills to implement.  He has signed a few and more will be signed by April 11.  Online gun safety training has been discontinued for concealed-carry gun owners.   Also, free zones have been expanded so that more of our preschool children are at risk with no one armed and onsite to protect them.  Private gun sales will have the additional requirement that the seller must contact a federally licensed firearms dealer for a background check on the buyer.  Northam and the Democrats must be really proud of these. The Virginia Citizens Defense League continues to monitor legislative activity very closely.  Check out the VCDL and NRA websites to stay informed.

Also in Richmond, additional “green” environmental legislation involving over 150 proposed bills will be forcing Virginia to drastically change its energy production architecture by phasing out fossil fuels over the next 20 years. Everyone s utility bills will increase by hundreds of dollars each year.  It appears that offshore drilling and fracking will be banned, more solar panels and windmills will be erected and new and existing agencies will be established, enhanced and funded.  Some of the pollution reduction projects are actually reasonable and I hope appropriate compromises can be reached.  I wish that more nuclear power plants would be built so that electricity prices would drop like our gasoline prices.  Don’t forget that the EPA was established in 1970 and hundreds of billions have been spent to clean-up our lands and waters.  Nobody wants pollution, but the main producers are not in this country.  The protestors ignore the progress.

I am sure that on one hand, the leftists are overjoyed by the massive increase of government authority, business controls, travel restrictions and stimulus funding that has been promulgated.  But on the other hand, they are sicker than normal that a Republican administration is the force behind all these measures and that they can’t take credit.  The massive government power flexing with its associated trillions of distributed dollars along with unprecedented increase in the national debt are just what Bernie Sanders and the Socialist Democrats have been promoting. Let us hope that after the virus crisis is over, our federal and state governments will somehow return to a more normal level of control and economy.  Our free market goals must not be abandoned.  These nationwide quantitative easing programs will become major political battlefields.

Here is another hot topic.  Our country’s excessive reliance on China manufacturing and pharmaceuticals has now been made front page news for everyone.  Government and military analysts are explaining how we have outsourced key industries to China. This is a strategic vulnerability that the Chinese government has planned. Their pharmaceutical companies have supplied more than 90% of U.S. antibiotics, vitamin C, ibuprofen and hydrocortisone, as well as approximately 70% of our acetaminophen and 40% of our heparin in recent years.  For too long U.S. businesses have outsourced to China, relying on their cheap labor to maximize profits.  It is now essential that our companies transition these manufacturing enterprises back to America and our true allies.

In conclusion, CARMA members are a tough bunch with genius, resiliency and All-American values. All of you have demonstrated leadership in the toughest of times.  That is what conservative leaders do.  We don’t want to rely on the freedom violations of giant government.  I encourage you all to call your buddies to check on them and their families. Keep looking for new members.  Five gentlemen have joined since early January. If you need/want help setting up a conference call with any group, please contact me.  With a lot of help, I have figured out how to setup and conduct free conference calls with optional video.

God bless all of you and your families and I hope you stay healthy.

Terry Ricks, CARMA President