President’s Message to the CARMA Membership

December, 2019




Dear Gentlemen of CARMA,


To begin, I am sad to report on the passing of a long time CARMA member, Michael Kirby, on November 19.  He was a resident of Windsor Meade and he is survived by his wife, Juliet, and his children.  A great Republican, Michael, was CARMA's VP of Programs and Speakers and was always helping our group and political candidates whenever he could. He was a community and church leader and a kind gentleman to all that knew him. He will be greatly missed and our prayers continue for him family.


The November 5 elections resulted in a mixture of good and bad news. Tommy Norment, Sue Sadler, Sandy Young, David Harden, Greg Dowell, Amanda Batten and Walt Zaremba all won, but unfortunately Heather Cordasco and Trevor Herrin did not.

We are very concerned about the new laws that will probably be passed by the Democrats in Richmond. We must stand united with our elected Republican officials and look for opportunities to challenge the liberal policies that are being promoted. It appears that the Democrats will enact additional gun laws in Virginia, that have been proven ineffective at reducing shootings and crime in other states. I am wondering what the NRA, headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, will be doing to fight this new Democrat majority and their gun control passion.  Pay attention to the reports and discussions regarding the Virginia counties that are stating that they are 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries.


On November 21, we had our luncheon meeting at Giuseppe’s and it was terrific. We had a great speaker, Hal Metcalf, PhD, who is a retired FBI Special Agent. He reviewed and discussed the FBI organization, established in 1908, and its headquarters and 56 field offices.  The FBI reports to the attorney general and the Director of National Intelligence. It focuses on counter-terrorism, counter-intelligence organized crime, kidnappings, extortion and interstate crimes. The FBI has 35,000 employees and an annual budget of $10 billion.  Also, there are over 75 FBI offices in foreign countries working with our embassies and foreign law crime organizations.  The Q&A session was very interesting as we discussed the Mueller and Comey activities and consequences.


There is not a luncheon meeting this December.  The next CARMA meeting will be on Thursday, January 16th.  Our speaker will be Andy Baan and he will discuss the China and Hong Kong situations. Since this will be our annual meeting, the election for the CARMA president for a two-year term will take place.  I would be honored to continue as President.   I hope some of you will lead some new CARMA projects in 2020.


Mark your calendar for the WJCCRC Christmas and holiday party on December 15th.


Up in The Swamp, the House Special Committee on Intelligence continue their ridiculous hearings and continue to be a waste of time. I think the Democrats are harming their brand much more than helping it and the current lineup of Democrat candidates for President continues to be laughable.  It is incredible to consider how much we are paying those individuals up in Washington for their time during the show trial. So many important national matters are being ignored such as the USMCA trade agreement, the legal and illegal drug industries, illegal immigration, the nation’s infrastructure, and the debt time bomb.


My wife Kathy and I recently went with some friends to watch the “Hamilton” musical in Richmond.  I had read many different reviews about the musical and I listened to many of the songs before attending.   I must admit it is a most unusual and entertaining display of genius by the writers, actors, dancers and musicians.  The best observation I have heard, is that the show also provides many valuable history lessons for the many enthusiastic audiences that know little about the difficult beginnings of America, and the  heroic struggles of our Founding Fathers.


On behalf of CARMA’s Board of Directors, I wish all of you a Merry Christmas, a joyous holiday season and safe travels.
The next CARMA Luncheon will be on January 16, 2020/

Terry Ricks
CARMA President or 202-494-8161