President’s Message to the CARMA Membership

September, 2018




Well, we finally have results of Mueller’s two-year embattled investigation in to Trump-Russian election conspiracy or “collusion.” One old political hack and one attorney convicted of financial crimes, including income tax evasion.  Pretty much a daily occurrence in the world of major financial players;  but nowhere near the record steal of $64 billion by Bernie Madoff.  Hardly noteworthy.

Nothing has been advanced to show President Trump worked with any Russian official to swing the election his way. The Steele dossier, funded by Fusion GPS and later by the DNC and Clinton campaign, was the foundation for this investigation. Full of scurrilous accusations, several individuals advanced this to the FBI and US and British intelligence services. Again, nothing of substance has come from this report.

Prior to the election, President Obama was aware of Russian hacking and took a soft approach to President Putin by notifying him to “stop interfering.” He wanted to downplay the issue as he was sure Hillary would win the election and wanted nothing to upset this inevitability. Where were the actions to improve cybersecurity?
Some comments about Russia: Yes, they are bad actors. They took over a sovereign nation, Crimea in 2014; Obama responded by telling Putin he thought he was “on the wrong side of history.” Strong words, eh? Russia then invaded the Ukrainian homeland; Obama responded by sending the Ukrainian military some Meals Ready to Eat. No armaments.  Russia then shot down a Malaysian airliner over the Ukraine with a surface-to-air missile fired by the Russian military, killing all 283 passengers. No notable reaction from the U.S.  They are capable of some very nasty things. And deserve close attention and prompt, tough actions to any nefarious behavior, much unlike Obama’s pansy approach.

But back to the main issue for the U.S—preventing Russian interference in our internal politics and affairs. We should be hearing a lot more about our efforts in improving cybersecurity, particularly hacking of any politically related computer systems. But we hear nothing.

The media, and others stay in a constant state of bewildering attacks on President Trump with their constant illogical attacks.  There is much tension in the air. From anarchists wanting the dismantling of ICE to the uninformed or fatalists wanting “democratic socialism” there are a lot of unwholesome ideas out there.
Where will this take us?

Chuck Misak, CARMA President