President’s Message to the CARMA Membership

October, 2020


CARMA President - Terry Ricks

Gentlemen of CARMA,

Our luncheon meeting on September 17th was fun and full of interesting reports and opinions from our speakers, Dot Matthews, WJCCRC Chair and Chris Woodfin, Dan Gade’s Campaign Treasurer.  Dot spoke about all her Zoom calls and her many meetings with the RPV 1st District and RPV Headquarters as they rebuild, organize and raise money.  Chris told us about the Daniel Gade campaign with stories and insights about the complicated world of campaign politics, often bewildering regulations and financing.  Unfortunately, our other speaker, Jarome Bell could not attend because of rising ocean water in his neighborhood south of Virginia Beach.

There are two upcoming meet/greets.  On Wed. October 7th @ 5:30pm, Congressman Rob Wittman will be at the Williamsburg National Golf Course, and on Wed. October 14th at 5:30pm, Congressional Candidate Scott Taylor will also be at the golf course.  Registration is required.  There is no admission fee and attendees must wear masks.  These events at the WNGC Pavilion are fun, comfortable and interesting.  CARMA members Gil Petrina, and Tom Phillips with the assistance of Dan Roose have organized these events. Registration information can be found on the CARMA News page of this website.

Art Garrison, Bob Deeds, Steve Corkran and Michael Brown and I, attended the 9-11 remembrance gathering at the JCC Courthouse on September 11th.  Prayers were led by Rev. Randy Garner.  Speakers recalled solemn memories of friends, family and co-workers who were lost or greatly affected on that day.  Everyone had American flags and signs. Art Garrison was the main organizer and host.  The Gazette published a good photo.  Great job Art! 

Our next CARMA luncheon meeting will be on Thursday, October 15th @11:30 at Giuseppe’s Italian Restaurant. Our main speaker will be Benny Zhang, former Williamsburg City Council member and William and Mary Law School graduate.  Benny has a lot to say about our local government and his favorite programs.  The next WJCCRC monthly meeting will be on Wednesday, October 28th @ 7pm, probably at the Greenwood Christian Academy.

The CARMA Board has decided to raise our annual membership dues and meals price.  The prices have been about the same for many years so as prices rose, we were able to save less money each month and year for political contributions.  The annual dues are increasing to $35 and the meals are increasing to $20 each.  These new prices are effective on October 1st.  Next year there will be many more local candidates to support in the various races, so we will need additional funds to make strategic donations to our backed candidates.  And Giuseppe’s had to raise their prices.  They have been very good to us by keeping their meal prices steady, allowing the use of their meeting room, providing extra staff and only charging us for meals eaten.  They are dedicated partners.

Please encourage your family, friends and neighbors to vote.  Help those in assisted living and nursing homes to vote. There is early voting by mail or at the JCC Recreation Center until the last day of October.  See the City of Williamsburg or James City County Voter Registration websites for detailed ballot information, voting locations, dates and times.

CARMA will continue supporting our law enforcement officers.  When you see an officer or any of our public safety and health care heroes, show your gratitude with a thumbs up and a thank you.    Please call your CARMA buddies to check on them.  Volunteer and donate to help our Republican candidates.  Find new CARMA members.  God bless all of you and your families. 

Warm Regards,


Terry Ricks
CARMA President