President’s Message to the CARMA Membership

January, 2019



Well, Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan didn’t leave any doubt about the corruption or extreme political bias of the federal judiciary when he accused General Flynn of “treason,” and other nefarious deeds today. If one wanted an example of a totally unacceptable polemic from a federal judge, it would be hard to beat this performance. Of course, this follows some 9th Circuit Court judges—and some others-- from their decisions blocking President Trump from exercising his constitutionally directed power to curtail immigration. I say our federal judicial system is so politically driven, so motivated by ideology, that we simply are no longer a nation ruled by the dictates of established law.

Add to that the total lack of credibility of the FBI, and highly questionable decisions by the Justice Department, and one wonders how far away we are from anarchy. A sad state of affairs. Yet the “progressives” are still cheering. They seem to live in a completely alternative universe, where accepting responsibility for your policies (like Obama Care) is verboten, where the ends justify the means (like Hillary). I can’t get close to getting my mind wrapped around the thought process of these people.

And what’d you think about North Korea? My thoughts are their recent actions are totally to be expected. Was President Trump wrong to engage them in this discussion? No, and I don’t believe he was one bit naïve about the possible outcome(s).
Back to Gen Flynn, a most salient point is this investigation, is that these criminal proceedings have continued with no underlying crime. It was not illegal to communicate with the Russians, while he was part of the Presidential transition team. That is A-OK. This is an investigation that created its own crime. And the same old names keep coming up: Comey, Strozk, McCabe.

As an aside - I have been involved over the past 7 weeks with significant check fraud on my banking account.  It has been difficult to reconcile all the issues due to the unwillingness of the bank to take immediate corrective actions to get my account in order.  Now I am just trying to get my money out - and away, from that bank, and move it to a local one.  I should like to advise everyone to check their accounts frequently, as this has been a nightmare to fix.

Have a great Christmas and New Year!

See you all on January 17th when we will have as our luncheon guest speaker the W-JCC Superintendent of Schools.

Chuck Misak
CARMA President

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