President’s Message to the CARMA Membership

May, 2024


CARMA President - Terry Ricks

Dear CARMA Members and other Honorable Conservative Gentlemen,

Please join us and bring your friends to our monthly CARMA luncheons and events.  Register at CARMA is growing along with the W-JCC Republican Committee and our other local Republican clubs.  We have great luncheons with speakers on various topics: local, state and national politics, Virginia history, local government operations, technology and lots of humor.  Our local office holders and candidates are always on our schedule. CARMA donates.

See the great articles, events updates and club photos at  This is a fantastic website managed by George Spalthoff!  Standing ovations are also deserved for Michael Brown, Treasurer; Jay Everson, VP Luncheons Coordinator; Art Garrison, VP Speakers Scheduling, Cary Taylor, VP Membership, and our senior advisors, Bob Deeds, Steve Mains and Norb Smith.  Our board is outstanding and this team helps me every week.  I truly appreciate their wisdom and supportive actions.

The previous CARMA luncheon was on Thursday, April 18th with Amanda Batten, Virginia State Delegate.  Our next luncheon is on May 16th and our key speaker will be Delegate Chad Green.  He is new to JCC since he has been mainly a York County leader. Chad will have plenty to review from his first Richmond legislative sessions. Invite your friends.

Our 2024 monthly CARMA Happy Hours at the Colonial Heritage Bar and Grill in the big clubhouse have been fun.  There have been six to twelve participants. We are looking for more Happy Hour attendees, organizers, and locations.  Contact Artie Bornschein or me and we will schedule another.

Sue Sadler, the new WJCCRC Chair has formed her board.  They are: Cynthia Baker, Vice Chair for the City of Williamsburg; Barbara Null, VC Programs; Jim Brittain, VC Precincts; Dayle Brittain, VC Membership; Bonnie Bilski, Treasurer; Chris Woodfin Parliamentary/Legal Counsel; Steve Mains, Communications/Publicity; Maria Gurlaccio, Webmaster; and Lauren Keiser, Recording Secretary.  Jim and Steve are CARMA members. 

The annual WJCCRC Just Right Party will be on Sunday May 19th at 2pm until 5pm at the Williamsburg National Golf Course (WNGC.)   BBQ lunches will be served.  There will be speakers and music and fun gifts. Tickets available at The nest WJCCRC meeting will be held in June.  Next month will return to 4th Wednesday.  Meeting is at Scotland St. Library at 6:00pm.

Future Events: JCC Board of Supervisors mtg Tues. May 14th at 5:00 at Mounts Bay Bldg F.  School Board mtg Tues. May 21 at 6:30 at James Blair School.  VOTE on Tues. June 18 Primary Election Day to choose which Republican Candidate (there are eight) will run against incumbent Tim Kaine to become U.S. Senator. VOTE on Tues. November 5 Presidential General Election Day.  Early voting is available for each election.  It is time for Kaine to go.

Comments… Joe Biden is the unbelievable Anti-American, Anti-Israel Traitor.   Donald Trump is suffering New York political lawfare for an alleged business records issue.  Why aren’t the Republican Senators and Congress persons loudly condemning America’s crises?  Glenn Younkin is vetoing hundreds of the Dim’s bills that ignore the wishes of Virginia conservatives. Thank goodness he and Attorney General Miyares are strongly condemning the illegal college protests.  Riley Gaines has become a wonderful female sports and privacy advocate. Why aren’t the nation’s feminists supporting her on TV and in the streets?  And finally, I can’t believe that the local W-JCC Dims are so obsessed with their discrimination concerns over and above the other real major problems (correctable) damaging America’s families and cities such as the massive federal government, cost of living, inflation, the national debt, the open border, city crimes, restrained law enforcement, deadly drugs, China’s threats, failing education practices and dangerous school policies.

STAND PATRIOTIC.  PRAY and HOPE.  SHOW OUR COLORS.  DONATE.  GO and FIGHT.  Contact me anytime for more information at or 202-494-8161.  Please visit our great website  Read the articles and humor and the Republican Creed..  The luncheon reservation menu form is there.  Thank you for your support.  Let’s discuss your ideas !
Terry Ricks,  CARMA President  


Updated - 05/12/2024