The January 16, 2020 Speaker will be Andy Baan, Candidate For Congress.


Andy Baan is an active Republican Candidate for Congress. His involvement in both civic and outreach activities is extensive. His website offers multiple pages of items where he is involved, and multiple pages of his platform items. He has been asked to discuss and make remarks to CARMA on international relations, specifically with the Far East countries. Please review his website - CLICK HERE


The November 21st Luncheon Speaker was
FBI Agent Hal Metcalfe


Membership VP Tom Gee, FBI Agent Metcalfe, CARMA President Terry Ricks

Agent Hal Metcalfe spoke to a large CARMA gathering about the FBI. He began with some basic information about the bureau. It was created in 1908 and now has about 30,000 employees. There are about 13,000 agents. It has a 9.6 billion dollar budget. There are 56 field offices, and more offices known as resident agencies; there is one in Williamsburg. There are 68 attaches' around the world. Typical training for an agent is about 21 weeks, and is primarily conducted at Quantico in Northern Virginia.

What do they investigate? There are over 400 specific categories of federal offenses that they may take part in. A crime committed on federal property, or Native American property is most likely an FBI case, but in some cases they are further defined by the prosecutory guidelines, i.e. value/cost/money involved. Little known fact, When President kennedy was shot in 1962, it was not a Federal Offense. This was changed with a law in 1965 that covers most federal employees in the three braqnches of government.

The bureau has three top charges which include, protection against terrorist attacks, espionage, and cyber crime. After 9-11 the bureau was considered a part of the intelligence agencies in the USA, and a part of the Joint Terrorism Taskforce. Dr. Metcalfe did mention that Criminal Activity by illegal aliens falls primarily on other groups and the states. They are charged with voter fraud when it is alleged to be from foreign groups or governments.

Dr. Metcalfe related to the group a couple happenings during his tenure. He was in the Richmond office and was told to go to the Hospitality House in Williamsburg where a conference was being held, and establish a control center. He did this. Soon after, he received a telephone call from Alexander Haig, who asked where the Agent in charge was and that he needed to speak to him ASAP. The message was that President Reagan had been shot, and that he needed to return to DC immediately. He quipped that this was before cell phones, and everything relied on regular telephone.

Another time as part of the Hostage rescue Squad, on 10/31, at 1am, the phone rang and he was being told to report immediately to Andrews Airforce Base. He thought this might have been a Halloween prank, but it wasn't and he was off to Ohio, where a terrorist was taken into custody.

Hal also mentioned that any active shooter situation is one where the FBI is in charge. Along with incidents at abortion centers and interstate cases of child support issues. He said that these items have been added over the years.

QUESTION #1 - What do the agents think of the current issues in the bureau, and how do the agents react to all the media coverage? He responded that he sees no issue with the agents. They believe that absolute candor is a positive trait, and he believes the politics in the agency is only at the very top levels. The agents are out on the streets and doing their jobs without any reference to the politics being discussed. As a prior Special Agent In Charge, his staff were out of the office mostly, and with rare exceptions would they be in an office for any amount of time.

QUESTION #2 - Is the bureau able to recruit all the staffing they need? Simple answer yes. They are actively recruiting and look for diversity amongst high scholars. (MBA/S) The attached article was recommended by Hal Metcalfe to further respond to this question. CLICK HERE

QUESTION #3 - If you could change one rule or practivce in the bureau, what would it be? He replied that he felt the current rules were fine, and he just wished the current laws on the books would be followed better