The January 19, 2023 Speaker Will Be Announced Soon.

The November 17th Luncheon Speaker Was

Ryan Holloway, Executive Director of CARE NET Peninsula

Ryan Holloway was born and raised in Poquoson, VA. Ryan graduated from James Madison University with a B.A. in Economics and Political Science, and holds an MBA from Regent University. He is the proud husband to Caroline Holloway, and father to James, Penny, Claire, and Sawyer.

Prior to his leadership role at CARE Net peninsula, Ryan served as a missionary in the Dominican Republic with Students International, where he founded a microcredit lending program in impoverished rural communities.

After 4 years on the mission field, Ryan returned to the Peninsula and in 2015 Ryan began working as the Director of Marketing and Communications with ICM where he was responsible for telling the story of this $20 million international church development organization.

Ryan Holloway has served as Executive Director of CARE NET Peninsula since 2019. CARE NET know that too often women think abortion is the only way out of an unplanned pregnancy, so they provide the help and hope women need to choose life for their baby. The ministry has grown steadily under Ryan's leadership, and now serves over 750 women facing an unplanned preganancy each year.

Ryan began his discussion with the CARMA Luncheon Attendees by tracing back to 1739 to find George Whitfield as the Spiritual Founding Father of the country. His organization does counseling for pregnant women who are facing serious struggles trying to determine whether or not to abort their unborn children. His organization has been attacked by many groups, especially since the Supreme Court's reversal of Roe Versus Wade. In addition he has been faced with significant digital advertising issues as the result of Google removing his organizations presence, resulting from a letter sent to them by Virginia Senator Mark Warner. This letter has caused the CARE NET organization to have to find other methods of making themselves available and known to women in crisis. While AG Miyares wrote to Google, his letter has not been responded to. Ryan has sent a response to Senator Warner, and that letter is attached below. Even with dealing with these hardships, CARE NET has grown about 44% year over year. They do experience security issues, and deal with them as best they can. Ryan referred to the Republican Creed as a set of rules he tries to live by. They are rules he and his staff try to incorporate into their conversations often. Saving the lives of pre-born children is their mission. They are good people and work hard and long for a good cause. Those in the Luncheon Group were provided a link to make a donation of any size to help them move into a new (very old) building where they will have more space. The link is:


If you should like to read the letter that was sent by Ryan Holloway to Senator Warner - CLICK HERE




Congressman Wittman once again provided an extremely valuable presentation. He has many priorities, among them: improving our economy, increasing public safety, holding our government accountable, strengthening our defense capability, rebuilding the military forces, stopping the border crisis, the parental bill of rights and many others.

Rob is very encouraged by the strength of the polls showing Republicans winning many offices nationwide in November.  The House of Representatives will flip and he is cautiously optimistic that the Republicans may also take over the Senate.  The redrawing of his District One has resulted in about 350,000 new voters that he must contact to explain his accomplishments, priorities, and plans of action.

He stated that when the Republicans take over Congress they already have over 100 new legislative proposals that should correct many of the terrible laws and regulations that have been passed by the Democrats. Also, investigations such as the January 6th  kangaroo court will end.  Rob mentioned that he and his staff are continuing to stay in touch with the families of the January Sixers.

Every year there are delays in finalizing the federal budget. This is terrible and he wants to see all of senators’ and congressmen’s pay frozen and their vacations cancelled until the budget is passed.  There is no reason for an August recess.  They have air conditioning and are not farmers who must return home.

He also commented about the often-used phrase “non-essential workers.” He said “What business has non-essential workers?” He believes that the tens of thousands of non-essential workers are federal workers, and an audit be done and their numbers reduced.

He reviewed the newly created Republican Commitment to America and he hopes it will be given a higher profile and wider distribution than currently exists.

As for the declining economy, he discussed the very damaging amount of excessive tax credits, stimulus funding from the American Rescue Act, and the deceptively named Inflation Reduction Act.  The Biden administration has ruined what was a strong economy.

One of the absurdities he discussed is the United States’ massive funding provided to Ukraine for them to defend their borders and push Russia into a potential nuclear conflict. That terrible war is a European problem and the result of decades of wrong-headed decisions and policies. Relying on Russia for their energy resources is obviously a huge and deadly mistake.  It is so very wrong that America has given hundreds of billions to Ukraine, but has refused to defend and close our southern border.

There are many objections to our recent DOD Budgets.  With our knowledge of China’s military buildup, it is clear that we need more ships, more jets and other technologies, but the DOD budget is badly limited, calls for reduced ships and jets, and has emphasized training about diversity, equality and inclusion instead of warfighting.

Rob ended our luncheon by answering about twenty questions and staying around for many photos with our members.  He then drove off for some door knocking and other presentations.  His character, intellect and energy are amazing.  We are very lucky to have him as our Congressman.


The September 15, 2022 Monthly Speaker Was RPV Executive Director Ken Nunnenkamp.


Ken Nunnenkamp spoke to the CARMA Luncheon Group for almost 45 minutes. He has been active in Virginia GOP Election Campaigns for about 10 years, and most recently was an integral part of Governor Youngkin's campaign. He reported first that the RPV staff in Richmond now totals eleven members who often spend large amounts of their time out of the office. There is also about 24 staff members who are field representative, who are out helping and advising county committees and candidates every day. The most typical question he is asked is, "What is RPV doing, or can they do, to support the candidates in Virginia?" He listed many items, including communications, creating a digital footprint from available resources, growing the party membership, digital fundraising, specific candidate support, helping to organize and run events, and establishing coalitions in local and county areas.

Much discussion centered around the topic of candidate support, and it was stated that in 2023 there will be almost 1,900 candidates on ballots across the state. RPV is continuing to support the digital database, and the analysis of voting data, in helping candidates understand what their districts are composed of. New software capabilities are offered, and training and utilization of these opportunities are offered. He presented a very energetic and robust view of the outreach and guidance established in the RPV under Richard Anderson's leadership.

Ken then went to the CARMA membership for questions:

1. Please explain more about the database and digital tracking. The RNC has committed about 1/4 Billion to establish digital tracking down to precinct level with the data made available to all states. It provides, in a usable format, precinct level data to assist from mailers to door knocking.

2. Is there a "manual" to assist candidates who may want to run for office? There is one available, and a PDF version to make it easier.

3. How is the sta eBoard of Elections involved with the RPV? These two organizations have been working cooperatively to get through the new voting laws and to clarify how elections will be tabulated. An example is that all absentee votes will be tabulated and counted in to the precinct where they originate and not into one special "district."

4. Is there state wide planning going into the future? Ken described an effort to plann for the next 10 years, but to concentrate on the next 4 specifically. He mentioned a few of the races that had specific attention beyond 2023.

5. How is the RPV reaching out to the younger generation? They are organizing events and meet & greets specifically for the 20-40 age group, and recognizing that the RPV must go to them with opportunities they would want to attend, i.e. - Zack Brown concert. Digital reach is also sending specific information for this age group, and for all age groups that are identified in the database.

6. Is there a way to overcome the dem numbers from Northern Virginia. (A tough question!) He went into an analysis of some of the counties in the northern area, and for each he provided a description of how they are expected to vote, or not to vote. Yes, their numbers can be overcome, but it will take a large voter turnout in the rest of the state.

7. How are minorities being reached? The current state leaders are doing many outreach meetings and events to speak with the minorities. They are speaking to known groups throughout the state.

8. What is your view of election integrity in Virginia? He said he thought that Virginia had a very high level of integrity. That 2021 results showed very few issues in the state. He commented that AG Miyares has just announced an election integrity initiative statewide, and it will further watch and monitor the elections. He said that getting poll watchers and good people to staff election sites is key to integrity.

9. What is being offered to candidates specifically? Each candidate may have and use "Campaign Sidekick" on their cellphones. This will assist in door knocking and determining and establishing a strategy for who, and where to spend resources.

The luncheon group was very appreciative of Ken's comments and information. He was thanked and presented with the CARMA Crucible.


The August 18, 2022 CARMA Luncheon Speaker was Sarah Ortego

Member, Williamsburg-James City County Board Of Education, Representing The Jamestown District

Sarah Ortego is a member of the Williamsburg-James City County School Board representing the Jamestown District. She has served in this role since January, 2022.

Sarah Ortego addressed the CARMA Luncheon group about her experiences over the first 8 months of being on the Board Of Education (BOE). She described the rather unique and unusual operating rules that they function with and how it has taken her some time to understand all of the procedures the BOE follows on a routine basis. She described the assumed BOE roles as being just 3, that being Policy, Budget, and the hiring of the superintendent. She was surprised that oversight is not considered a BOE role.

They have had two significant votes this year, that being regarding masks, and the other about textbooks. She believes from discussions by the BOE that the staff is aware of the concerns the BOE has about many issues brought forward by the community. They are to function as an apolitical body, and this interprets into some further unique thoughts on how they carry out their duties. She said that at last report they are into single digit staffing issues, and still have shortages of bus drivers. She then opened the discussion to questions from the luncheon group.

Q#1 - Who approves the curriculum and textbooks? The BOE ultimately approves the curriculum. These items are two different topics for the Administration and BOE and are managed by two separate groups from each. Ultimatelt they work to resolve any issues. This question evolved into a few more questions on the same topic, all leading to the group being advised that the work groups do try and resolve the issues between the topics.

Q#2 - How complete is the district in digitizing all the schools and all of the curriculum? Sarah said it has completely implemented laptops and online resources for all grades. She believes that this is an ongoing effort, and one which is now in a more maintenance mode than implementation mode.

Q#3 - Has the "citizen complaint process" been resolved into a BOE policy? She said that it has been tabled due to some wording and is being further reviewed.

Q#4 - Has the issue of moving the high school start times to a later time been discussed? She said that while there is evidence that early morning start times do create some issues for some students, that they have not had any recommendation from this administration. Apparently, both students and parents want to keep things the way they are do to after school activities/sports and in some case part time jobs which some students have.

Sarah was thanked for her open and frank comments, and was presented with the CARMA Crucible.


Sarah moved with her family to Williamsburg from the Washington D.C. area where she worked for over a decade. She served on staff for the House Armed Services Committee on Capitol Hill, in the Office of Special Advisors on the National Security Council at the White House, and as Special Assistant to the
Undersecretary for International Organization Affairs at the U.S. Department of State, before becoming a senior consultant for strategic communications at Booz Allen Hamilton.

Sarah is very active in the Williamsburg community. She served as President of the Virginia Symphony Society for 4 years and continues to volunteer as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for children in our community who have experienced abuse and neglect. Sarah also sits on the Board of Directors for the Virginia Symphony Orchestra in Norfolk.

Sarah holds a B.A. in Government from Smith College and a Master’s Degree in National Security and Strategic Studies form the Naval War College.

Sarah and her husband, Christian, have three children, Evan, Kathryn, and Madeleine.


The July 21, 2022 CARMA Luncheon Speaker was Douglas Powell

General Manager of the James City Services Authority (JCSA)

Doug Powell presented a thorough overview of the JCSA to a near capacity luncheon group. He then answered questions. A copy of his powerpoint presentation is attached as an article on this website, on the Articles Page. There is also a related article about how the Hampton Roads Sanitation District is recarging the aquifer where most of us get our drinking water from. The article is about their plans for future recharge levels and breaking ground on recharging facilities for the future.

Doug Powell was appointed General Manager of the James City Service Authority (JCSA) in 2014, a position he has held since then.  The JCSA provides municipal water and wastewater service to James City County residents and businesses in the primary service area between Toano and Grove, and limited sections of York County and the City of Williamsburg.

Prior to his appointment as General Manager, Doug worked in several other capacities for James City beginning in 1995.  Doug served as Assistant Manager of Community Services, Manager of Community Services, Assistant County Administrator and Acting County Administrator.  Before coming to James City County, he also worked as Assistant to the County Administrator in Fluvanna County and County Administrator of Nelson County. 

Doug hold a Bachelors Degree in Government from the College of William and Mary, and a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University.


The CARMA Luncheon Speaker for June 16th was Jeff Ryer

Jeff is the Virginia Senate Republican Press Secretary. Chairman of the 1st District Republican Committee, etc.

Jeff Ryer spent the majority of his speaking time discussing the fall elections as they could affect the US Congress and Senate. He spent time looking at the numbers of representative who were being challenged, and in Virginia what districts might be vulnerable to changes in their representatives or a switch in parties. He spoke of some of the history of congress and how it has gone from one parties control back and forth since the late 1700s. He reviewed the Virginia Congressional Districts and how they have changed as a result of the redistricting that completed earlier this year. He also went through a number of the congressional districts in some of the states where there has been an obvious or distinct opportunity for a dem to lose their seat. He spoke of the recent two elections and how voter backlash seems to be creating opportunities for non traditional GOP held seats to be won this cycle.

He also discussed the documented instances where the Dems will advertise in the media, utilizing a "blind" PAc for the weaker of GOP candidates in a primary to hopefully secure an easier win for their candidate in the actual election. (While I always believed this was happening, his remarks have firmed up my suspicion. Ed.) Dems can do this sort of meddling because of their funding which doesn't seem to have a bottom in the barrel.

Jeff spoke about the fact that Biden & Co. are doing exactly what they said they would be doing, but never discussed the hardships it would cause and the lower and middle classes.

He also spoke about the 38 amendments that Governor Youngkin has offered on the current proposed budget in Virginia. It would seem that these amendments need now to be worked through in the next week by the delegates and senators.

Jeff Ryer mentioned that there is a "wealth" of information on the website - Please click and take a look!

He mentioned that Congressman Rob Wittman has an opponent this election. Rob is a great congressman and deserving of the support of all CARMA and Republicans in the district.



The CARMA Luncheon Speaker for May 19th was Greg Dowell, Chairman of the W-JCC Board of Education

Greg Dowell is chairman of the W-JCC School Board. He discussed the makeup of the school board and its members, their activities and of several contentious issues. Five of the members are voted in by JCC residents and two are appointed by the City of Williamsburg Council. Greg stated that all his positions are challenged by the more liberal members of the school board. The budget which includes also capital improvements was approved. The budget for FY 2023 is $155 million whereas hast years budget was $150 million. The district has 11, 018 students. 1,900 of the ostudents are special education students. 37% of those are eligible for a free lunch.

Some of the increases were mandated by state policies. There have been many discussions and debates about the teaching of sexuality, and of specific books being available to the students. About 60% of the district's funding comes from taxes here in the city and county, and about 10% comes from the federal DOE. The textbooks which have been so highly controversial were reviewed by a committee for process and content. The debate over the textbooks has also involved the school board legal team. The textbooks that were rejected were seen to have inappropriate sexuality discussions and an extreme liberal and divisive perspective.

Greg responded to a number of questions from the luncheon group, and was thanked for sharing his insights.

(Thanks to Terry R. for these speaker notes.)


The Featured Luncheon Speaker for April 21st was Delegate Amanda Batten

Delegate Amanda Batten is now in her second term representing the CARMA area and some additional areas including the City of Williamsburg and a small portion of New Kent county. She was asked to describe the actions of the recently completed legislative session from the House of
Delegates point of view, and what she sees lying ahead for Virginia.

Delegate Batten spoke to the luncheon group specifically about the recently completed legislative session which was held in the House chambers in Richmond as opposed to last year's virtual session. With the recently completed redistricting affecting her district, currently known by most as the 96th District, it will soon be the 71st District. It is believed to be a 50/50 - Purple District. She was honored this past session with being a main part of the house caucus leadership, and to be the Eastern Vice Chair of the State Central Committee. She said that the 2022 House leadership team did a great job, and was able to function within the House rules for the session. With a slim 52-48 majority, they worked through many bills and sent them on to the Senate where there is a slim Democtrat majority, where most of them were killed in various committees. The House has proportional committee membership rules, where the Senate does not, so many Senate committees are overwhelmingly staffed with Democrats, making it nearly impossible for any Republican bills to be forwarded for full chamber votes. In spite of it all, there were 841 bills passed by the two Houses.

As some may be aware, The Virginia Parole Board was pretty dysfunctional. Governor Youngkin dismissed all the current members upon taking office. His nominees were all defeated by votes in the Senate by the Democrats. At this time therefore, there is no Parole Board in Virginia. Governor Youngkin has also vetoed, or offered amendments on 140 of the 841 bills that were passed. The legislature will reassemble beginning next week to discuss and review these bills. The state does not have an approved budget for 2022-23 as yet. The deadline is June 30th. The state is flush with cash, and while the GOP members in both houses would like to return some of it to the citizens, the Dems want to spend it all. Amanda did not think that a budget resolution would be forthcoming in the next couple weeks.

She spoke of the large number of appointments which the Governor has as his responsibility, and how Governor Youngkin is very intent and serious about each and every one of them, and how the Dept. of Education has received his attention early on in his first year in office. Other departments where vacancies exist, are also being very carefully reviewed and candidates screened to meet with his campaign promises.

Delegate Batten then took a few questions from the CARMA members: 1) Do you have any feel for how the "Tommy Tax" will be considered, as it runs out in 2026? She did not have any specific comments, but thought that Senator Norment could probably respond to this better than she could. 2) Considering the very large number of appointment still open, why is it taking the Governor so long to fill them? She believes he is very deliberate in his considerations, and wants to get the very best person. No always a political appointment, but from industry as well. 3) Are you familiar with the issues of text books for schools not being selected or chosen? She believes this is a part of the DOE considerations, recognizing the extensive verbal comments made in the last election, and to get this done right the first time. 5) Do you have any feeling about a Constitutional Convention of the States? She believes that there are both good and bad aspects - good in that it could resolve some of the federal government issues, but also if the Dems want to rewrite the Constitution it could lead to very bad issues too.

Amanda was thanked for her candid comments, and as always was shown a unanimous round of applause for her work as a dependable, conservative member of the legislature.

The Featured Luncheon Speaker for March 17th was VA Senator Tommy Norment


Senator Norment addressed the full house luncheon group with many remarks about the battle lines which have been drawn between the Republicans and the democrats. He first stressed the very important election of Sheriff Danny Diggs to the 24th State Senatorial District. The balance of power must shift to the GOP, so that some of the many unbelievable pieces of existing legislation, and proposed legislation from the dems gets either reversed or overhauled. An example is the police are forbidden to pull over a car travelling at night with no headlights on. To do so, has been described as racist. He then went into some of the basics...The dems receive a huge amount of campaign funding from out of state...millions, and this is very hard to overcome for any candidate. (Check out DPAC if you have any doubts.) He said that the GOP leadership in Virginia carefully reviews the spending of all funds to insure they are prudent and worthwhile, and support the agreed upon messaging. "Dollars must be spent in the best way possible." He believes there are opportunities this coming Virginia Senate election to take back some seats that have been lost due to national and statewide politics. Some of his descriptions of Northam last minute actions are just deplorable. Governor Youngkin's actions have already got the dems upset because they are refusing on every level to negotiate or even consider some of the necessary appointments to keep the state functioning.

He described the fact that the house and senate were not able to reach an agreement on a state budget. Unheard of in his opinion. There are unexpected revenues in the state of some number of billions, but they are sitting unassigned as the budget was not finalized. (Listening, this editor see that politics seems to have reduced the elected dems to children, and they are in a schoolyard battle for the football. i.e. - "its my ball and if you don't like my rules I taking my ball and going home.") Truly not what any person voted for, from the house and senate budget people!

His descriptions of actions regarding the Thomas Jefferson charter school is a slap at every parent who works really hard to support and foster their children to excell. To dummy down the school standards is not what makes an educational system great. Also, there can be no paroles at this time, since the parole board has just one member. Nearly 200 candidates were seen to be unfit by the dems.

The luncheon group thanked Senator Norment for his candid remarks, and stayed while he answered a number of questions. Most walked away believing we have a dysfunctional legislature at this time.

Tommy Norment first came to Virginia's 3rd Senatorial District as a child when his father worked at Cheatham Annex. A graduate of James Blair High School in Williamsburg, Tommy attended college at Virginia Military Institute (VMI) before returning to Williamsburg to attend the Marshall-Wythe School of Law at the College of William and Mary. In 1987, Tommy was elected to the James City County Board of Supervisors. He served as Chairman of the Board in 1991 before being elected to the Senate of Virginia.

During his 20 years in the Senate of Virginia, Tommy Norment has earned a reputation as one of the Commonwealth’s most effective legislators. For this reason, Tommy was elected by his colleagues to serve as Majority Leader of the Senate Republicans. As a member of the Senate Judiciary, Finance & Appropriations, Rules, and Commerce and Labor Committees, Tommy regularly works on legislation to make our community safer and to ensure that Virginia remains the best state in which to raise a family and do business. Tommy is a champion of Virginia’s right-to-work laws and is equally committed to promoting transparency in government. As a graduate of public schools and the father of a teacher, Tommy fully understands the need for our Commonwealth to provide a high quality education to all students. A strong advocate for higher education, he has worked tirelessly to ensure our public colleges and universities remain at the top of the national rankings.

Senator Norment has been asked to provide a recap/summary of the 2022 Legislative Session.

The Luncheon Speaker for February 17, 2022 was Jarome Bell - Congr. Candidate - District #2

Jarome Bell was the primary speaker for the 2/17 luncheon. He is a candidate for the Virginia District #2 Congressional seat. He spoke of his naval service for 27 years and how the oath he took back at the beginning, is still his oath going forward. He expressed distain at the weak politicians who refuse to stand up for the country and the voters they represent. He spoke of the family core principles being stripped away, and how COVID has become a convenient way for the liberals to overstep their bounds and take giant leaps into curtailing the personal rights guaranteed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Medical as well as basic freedoms are being lost to liberal and progressive politicians who are using their power in office to make rules completely against that of the founding father's documents. There should be no political prisoners in the USA, yet we have been told for almost 2 years what we can and cannot do on a daily basis. People standing up for their rights are now being labeled domestic terrorists, and worse they are being isolated by the people who call them these outrageous names.

He spoke of Northam's mandates during almost 2 years where he totally exceeded his office's legal authority. Jarome's campaign will focus on restoring these rights, as well as securing the southern border, curtailing drug shipments, strengthening Christian values, and stopping the liberals march toward Marxism and Communism. He said that we need fighters in DC, and that he will stand up for the people he represents. He is pro-life and views the current abortion on demand laws as wrong. He is running on an "America First Platform" and believes he is the only candidate doing so. When asked how he viewed the recent redistricting in the 2nd District, he said it may have shifted a little to the red.

He was asked about Elaine Luria...He believes she is a traitor, as she sits on the J6 commission, and that keeping the prisoners in jail, without hearings or trials is wrong. From her $184k salary, in less than 4 years she has amassed wealth exceeding 10 million. Supposedly all being done through stock trading. He said she has done nothing for the black and minority groups in the Norfolk area. They need trade school programs in their regular schools, and she has not stepped up. He believes that prisons should be teaching apprentice programs in skilled trades, so that there is an earning potential for the prisoners when they are released.

Jarome Bell was thanked for his candid comments and wished well in his campaign. He was presented with the CARMA crucible.


Also speaking was Steve Zabinski. He is working hard to restore the legal rights to the J6 prisoners who are not being given the opportunity for leagal hearings, trials, and even normal jail visits by family and lawyers. He told of how they were arrested and immediately found guilty without trial and thrown into the DC prison which had previously been closed due to horrid conditions. Thrown into solitary, denied visits, beatings, and many horror stories. He suggested that folks support the Patriots by going to the Patriot Mail Project and the Stop Hate Project. They are for real and trying to help. The Patriot freedom Project is a hoax and should not be supported.

He passed out post cards and many members signed and wrote messages. They will be sent to the prisoners. He was presented with a CARMA crucible.


The Luncheon Speakers For Thursday, January 20th Were Mike Joseph & Gil Petrina (w/Dan)

Mike Joseph spoke to the luncheon group about the process and procedures that the Virginia Redistricting committee followed to draw new lines for US Congressmen, State Senators, and the House of Delegates. The commission eventually was unable to reach consensus on the maps, and it was given to the Virginia Supreme Court to make the final decisions, which they did in December, 2021. Links to information data sources are below.

The process, and the final maps are drawn, but the complete and final affects it will have on the elections is yet unclear in many districts. Mike provided a document that explained in detail the rules that the committee tried to follow in allocating about the same number of voters to each district. They were also trying to allocate some equality in the racial make up and to keep the districts compact, rather than sprawling. They seemed to attain the compactness, however, there continues to be some unusual shapes to some of the districts. His presentation file is attached here: CLICK HERE

Following the Luncheon - Mike Joseph provided additional Information - CLICK HERE

NOTE: See also on the Articles Page the presentation on Congressman Wittman's revised District #1.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Mike Joseph has been closely following the Virginia redistricting special committee, the various statements about them being deadlocked, and all the other news which has surfaced about this non-political group being unable to function because of their political issues. Mike will provide a current status, and discuss some of the issues, that have caused so many of the issues in trying to come to a resolution.

Raised in Peru, Indiana which is a rural region in north-central Indiana, located exactly half way between Indianapolis and South Bend.  Peru was a major winter quarters for circuses like The Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus, and The American Circus Corporation, and Ringling Brothers Circus in the early 1900’s and 20’s. Peru is the town Cole Porter was born and raised in, and was also the home of Grissom Air Force Base.

Mike graduated from Purdue University (BSIE) in 1968 and Indiana University (MBA) in 1976. His entire working career has been as an engineer in the world of manufacturing. I was fortunate to work in many varied manufacturing environments. This ranged from low volume production of airplanes, large stationary engines, and compressors to high volume mass produced items such as car bumpers, drive axles for trucks, and electronic fuel injectors.  Most of my assignments were in central and northeast Ohio, but my last twenty-nine years have been here in Newport News, with a two year assignment in Pisa, Italy.

I have had many interests that have changed throughout the years. Interests have ranged from sailing, social dancing, cooking, and politics. 

My interest in politics started with listening to my parents talking politics and watching the gavel-to-gavel telecast of the 1956 National Republican and Democratic conventions.     

Years later, I wondered how our candidates are selected.  This question prompted me to get involved.  My first hands-on  involvement in politics started by joining the Newport News City Committee in 2001.  I was the Committee’s Precinct Chairman for twelve plus years and served in many supportive roles backing our candidates.


The Court has posted the final redistricted maps on their website:

and click on “Supreme Court of Virginia Redistricting Final Order
                  and Approved Maps”   

The Court has posted all information regarding proceedings, prior orders,
public comments, public hearings December 15th and 17th 2021
on their website:

and click on “Redistricting Informaion”

3. An unofficial site to follow redistricting activities and other
Virginia political news is:

I am not sure I answered your question regarding how many leaning Republican and Democratic
districts the final maps produced for Virginia's House of Delegates, Senate,  and Congressional
districts.  I am sure there are some slightly leaning Republican and Democratic districts. 
The districts are to be drawn such that no one party is unduly favored.

Here are two links that may help answer that question:
     1.  Here they have instructions how you can make
         your own map.  OneVirginia2021 was founded in 2014 as a non-profit advocate for non-partisan
         redistricting in Virginia.  This organization is one of the main organizations that campaigned
         for this change in Virginia's laws.
     2.  Look for the title, "What Redistricting Looks Like In Every State".

I hope this will help to further answer your questions.


Gil Petrina spoke of the creation of the Breakfast Club in 2020 by way of some meetings with both candidates and law enforcement folks, who provided insight into the many aspects of their careers. It became readily noticed that folks were "hungry" to learn things related to, but not just political, from the people actually doing the work and experiencing the day to day hurdles. Gil went on to explain that the Breakfast Club became a hit when there weren't any strings attached to attending and that they were able to bring in the candidates and office holders to discuss their campaigns and needs, real time.

Face-to-face and from the individuals themselves seemed to be the key ingredient. Going from a small group, to a standing room only reception for Glenn Youngkin, of an estimated 130 people, the Club became a roaring success. On the Documents & Pictures page there is a sign up email you can click on, to stay up to date on all the Breakfast Club happenings. The Breakfast Club meets on Tuesday Mornings @ Sandy's Pancake House on Richmond Road @ 8:15am. Come early for a good seat! You may also click on the following link.

CLICK HERE to Join the Breakfast Club Email List:

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Gil Petrina will discuss what the campaigns for the 2022 elections are shaping us as, and where we can expect the opposition to put emphasis on. Gil will also discuss the breakfast club which has morphed from a few guys, to large numbers of conservative minded folks. The discussion will focus on folks being able to recognize the needs early, and to prepare the ground level for campaigns to win back the State Senate.

Gil served 21 years in the Air Force retiring from the Advanced Programs Division in the Air Combat Command Requirements Directorate.  He was a B-52 and B-2 instructor pilot and served as the aide-de-camp to the Commander US Strategic Command.

He attended the Army’s Command & General Staff College and the Air Force School of Advanced Air & Space Studies (SAASS).  He deployed for Operation IRAQI FREEDOM to support B-2 combat operations and later deployed to Afghanistan where he built the J-3 Air Operations Branch for Headquarters, US Forces-Afghanistan (USFOR-A).

He is the President/Founder of Yellow Hat Group, a consulting company he formed in 2010 and worked on a variety of Air Force projects in support of national security and advanced technologies.

He also serves on the Service Academy Advisory Board for Congressman Rob Wittman.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the U.S. Air Force Academy and a master’s degree in Industrial & Organizational Psychology.