The February 16th Speakers will be the WJCC Board of Education Candidates

Mike Hosang - Stonehouse District & Daniel Cavazos, M.D. - Roberts District

Mike Hosang - Candidate for BOE - Stonehouse District

Mike Hosang is running for the WJCC School Board, Stonehouse District.  He is a transplant from Northern Ohio having settled down in Williamsburg in 2000 to start his family after leaving active duty.  Mike stayed in the reserves and retired in August, 2020 as a Lieutenant Colonel after 27 years in the Army.  He served for a year in Afghanistan as the Deputy Commander, Legal Command/Officer in Charge, Detainee Review Boards, CJIATF 435 and three years as a prosecutor with the Military Commissions prosecuting detainees in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  He is currently an Associate General Counsel with the DOJ, US Marshals Service, mainly representing the Agency in labor disputes in administrative and federal courts, after spending over 17 years with the Department of Defense in the same capacity.  

Mike started attending school board meetings over two years ago when schools were forcing the students into virtual learning and wearing masks.  He has spoken on various topics at the school board meetings including the school board duty to make their own determination regarding masks and in-person learning and not blindly following the governor or health commissioner, the school system's teaching/use of CRT/SEL in the classrooms, inappropriate purchasing of textbooks, pornographic materials in the school libraries, and the inappropriate display of a gay pride flag in a high school history classroom.   Mike wants to bring power back to the parents (ie, having parents opt-in and not have to opt-out of certain activities/assignments); value back to the voter (giving a voice to the voter, even if they do not have a child in the school system anymore, contrary to recent school board comments), and accountability of the school board itself for its actions/inactions (removal of superintendent for lying to school board regarding CRT/SEL; removal of books from school libraries.)  

Mike is married and has two daughters who have both gone through/are still going through the WJCC school system.  His oldest daughter is a sophomore at W&M and was recently elected as the President of the College Republicans on campus.  His youngest daughter is a junior at Warhill High School.  Both daughters compete in Irish dancing and play the harp.  Mike's wife is a stay-at- home mom and works hard at keeping everything moving along peacefully.


Daniel R Cavazos, M.D. - Lt. Col. (Ret.) USAF - Roberts District

I was born and raised in San Antonio TX. After graduating from Central Catholic High School in 1971, I attended the University of Texas, Austin for one year when I was drafted into the US Army. I completed my obligated tour of duty which included graduating from the Officer Candidate School and serving in the US Army Reserves while I completed my Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Texas.

I earned my Doctorate of Medicine from the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences, Bethesda, MD and completed my Medical Internship at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio.

I completed my Orthopedic Surgery Residency Training Program at the University of Connecticut Health Sciences and began an obligated tour of duty with the United States Air Force. Our tours to Madrid, Spain and Bitburg, Germany were the highlights of our military service. A six-week Military Medical Mission to Nagier, Africa truly was a humbling experience.

My wife, Diane of 37 years and six children have extended our family with 12 grandchildren. I have been in private practice with Hampton Roads Orthopaedics Spine and Sports Medicine for the past 25 years.  


The January 19, 2023 Speaker Was

David Hardin, Sheriff - Williamsburg, James City County


David Hardin was elected sheriff just before the Covid-19 pandemic started in 2020. He now has over 28 years working in the sheriff's office for W-JCC. He spoke about how 2020 and 2021 were unique years because of the pandemic, and how the department had to re-invent almost everything they did on a daily basis. While separate, they have tried to align themselves with the salary ranges associated with the competition: competition which is now paying over $18 per hour for clerical staff and fast food workers. His department is still below local police salaries. When fully staffed he would have 17 officers. Currently, he is one full time and two part time staff short. The full time position has been vacant for a year. They handle all of the courthouse administration regarding prisoners and security. They also are responsible for transportation of the prisoners.

He provided a small personal bio of himself, and what many of his officers have as their bios. His officers see a steady court schedule, almost everyday of the week, and arrests for a very wide variety of misdemeanors and felonies. He also went into some significant discussion about the high number of scams which are being reported, even including scam calls that are coming directly into the Sheriff's office telephones and computers. A popular one which he discussed is the "family member in trouble, in jail, and needs bail money." Typically this is targeted at father's and grandfathers. We also discussed the online dating scam where the person only met online needs money. We then discussed the Netflix scam which is coming by way of Text messages, and requesting eventually your credit card information. These are all bad, and very few are resolved since calling numbers and emails are nearly impossible to trace, as they are shut down very quickly.

David is running for re-election this November, and thanked all the CARMA members for their support in the past, and for any help they can give this year.



The November 17th Luncheon Speaker Was

Ryan Holloway, Executive Director of CARE NET Peninsula

Ryan Holloway was born and raised in Poquoson, VA. Ryan graduated from James Madison University with a B.A. in Economics and Political Science, and holds an MBA from Regent University. He is the proud husband to Caroline Holloway, and father to James, Penny, Claire, and Sawyer.

Prior to his leadership role at CARE Net peninsula, Ryan served as a missionary in the Dominican Republic with Students International, where he founded a microcredit lending program in impoverished rural communities.

After 4 years on the mission field, Ryan returned to the Peninsula and in 2015 Ryan began working as the Director of Marketing and Communications with ICM where he was responsible for telling the story of this $20 million international church development organization.

Ryan Holloway has served as Executive Director of CARE NET Peninsula since 2019. CARE NET know that too often women think abortion is the only way out of an unplanned pregnancy, so they provide the help and hope women need to choose life for their baby. The ministry has grown steadily under Ryan's leadership, and now serves over 750 women facing an unplanned preganancy each year.

Ryan began his discussion with the CARMA Luncheon Attendees by tracing back to 1739 to find George Whitfield as the Spiritual Founding Father of the country. His organization does counseling for pregnant women who are facing serious struggles trying to determine whether or not to abort their unborn children. His organization has been attacked by many groups, especially since the Supreme Court's reversal of Roe Versus Wade. In addition he has been faced with significant digital advertising issues as the result of Google removing his organizations presence, resulting from a letter sent to them by Virginia Senator Mark Warner. This letter has caused the CARE NET organization to have to find other methods of making themselves available and known to women in crisis. While AG Miyares wrote to Google, his letter has not been responded to. Ryan has sent a response to Senator Warner, and that letter is attached below. Even with dealing with these hardships, CARE NET has grown about 44% year over year. They do experience security issues, and deal with them as best they can. Ryan referred to the Republican Creed as a set of rules he tries to live by. They are rules he and his staff try to incorporate into their conversations often. Saving the lives of pre-born children is their mission. They are good people and work hard and long for a good cause. Those in the Luncheon Group were provided a link to make a donation of any size to help them move into a new (very old) building where they will have more space. The link is:


If you should like to read the letter that was sent by Ryan Holloway to Senator Warner - CLICK HERE




Congressman Wittman once again provided an extremely valuable presentation. He has many priorities, among them: improving our economy, increasing public safety, holding our government accountable, strengthening our defense capability, rebuilding the military forces, stopping the border crisis, the parental bill of rights and many others.

Rob is very encouraged by the strength of the polls showing Republicans winning many offices nationwide in November.  The House of Representatives will flip and he is cautiously optimistic that the Republicans may also take over the Senate.  The redrawing of his District One has resulted in about 350,000 new voters that he must contact to explain his accomplishments, priorities, and plans of action.

He stated that when the Republicans take over Congress they already have over 100 new legislative proposals that should correct many of the terrible laws and regulations that have been passed by the Democrats. Also, investigations such as the January 6th  kangaroo court will end.  Rob mentioned that he and his staff are continuing to stay in touch with the families of the January Sixers.

Every year there are delays in finalizing the federal budget. This is terrible and he wants to see all of senators’ and congressmen’s pay frozen and their vacations cancelled until the budget is passed.  There is no reason for an August recess.  They have air conditioning and are not farmers who must return home.

He also commented about the often-used phrase “non-essential workers.” He said “What business has non-essential workers?” He believes that the tens of thousands of non-essential workers are federal workers, and an audit be done and their numbers reduced.

He reviewed the newly created Republican Commitment to America and he hopes it will be given a higher profile and wider distribution than currently exists.

As for the declining economy, he discussed the very damaging amount of excessive tax credits, stimulus funding from the American Rescue Act, and the deceptively named Inflation Reduction Act.  The Biden administration has ruined what was a strong economy.

One of the absurdities he discussed is the United States’ massive funding provided to Ukraine for them to defend their borders and push Russia into a potential nuclear conflict. That terrible war is a European problem and the result of decades of wrong-headed decisions and policies. Relying on Russia for their energy resources is obviously a huge and deadly mistake.  It is so very wrong that America has given hundreds of billions to Ukraine, but has refused to defend and close our southern border.

There are many objections to our recent DOD Budgets.  With our knowledge of China’s military buildup, it is clear that we need more ships, more jets and other technologies, but the DOD budget is badly limited, calls for reduced ships and jets, and has emphasized training about diversity, equality and inclusion instead of warfighting.

Rob ended our luncheon by answering about twenty questions and staying around for many photos with our members.  He then drove off for some door knocking and other presentations.  His character, intellect and energy are amazing.  We are very lucky to have him as our Congressman.